Why OnePLus is better than Apple’s iPhone?

Why OnePLus is better than Apple’s iPhone?

The age long smartphone OS war has been waging ever since the first generation iPhone was launched back in June 2007, needless to say , it revolutionized the way human beings interact with their mobile phones. The word ‘Smartphone’ became akin to an iPhone. The launching of the first iPhone by the great Steve Jobs led mobile manufacturing behemoths like Nokia to become a couple of has beens  from which they still haven’t resuscitated to this day. Then came the HTC  dream in September 2008 nicknamed ‘The first Android smarphone’. Since then year after year Android has been doing nothing but growing as the most dominant smartphone operating system on the planet. Google is the company that owns and manages the operating system. Since its inception Android was popular for its Open source nature among developers and customization enthusiasts, something Apple’s ios has failed to offer.

OnePlus One is launched.

During a time when smartphone companies like Samsung,Apple,Motorola,LG and even Google with its Nexus line were waging pricing wars with the launching of their flagship/premium devices one after the other ,costing no less than $600(₹43000) , smartphone users were in despair wondering how big of a bite in their pockets buying these flagships would be. In January 2014 a small startup company with a seemingly absurd sounding name with a vision to sell smartphones with great build quality,flagship specs and a surprisingly reasonable price tag. The company known as OnePlus launced its first smartphone the OnePlus One ,reminiscent of the first iPhone Launch. Since then OnePlus has been consistently outperforming Google in its own game and outselling Apple in the Indian market. Its no rocket science in understanding how OnePlus has achieved incredible success in such a short amount of time.

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Oneplus is better than Apple’s iPhone.

Oneplus devices are popular for their aggressive pricing without compromising on the devices’ functioning and build quality. But there’s more to this than just the pricing. Contrary to popular belief, with OnePlus, less is actually better. IPhones come with a ridiculously hefty price tag without any fair justification for the same, iPhones have evolved into luxury items and status symbols losing their productivity factor.

OnePlus devices on the other hand are blazingly fast ,almost as fast as an iPhone. OnePlus’s custom OS known as Oxygen OS is far better than Google’s stock android which is a feat in itself. Apple launched its upcoming line of iphones couple of months ago , the iPhone XR was one of the devices launched, it came with a price tag of just over ₹80000 and it packs a 720p resolution display. Astonishing , isn’t it!? In the age where Ultra HD and QHD are the norms , Apple has decided to take a step back and take us back in the year 2012 on the pretext of launching a more affordable iPhone. On the other hand OnePlus 6t has one of the most impressive specs sheet of any smartphone in the market. Snapdragon 845, 8GB of RAM,128GB of internal storage , AMOLED display all this within a price tag of ₹35000 .Half the price of an iPhone ,Double the features and benefits offered. OnePlus also has a track record of rolling out quick and swift OS updates to its devices when compared to other OEMs who fail to meet the expectations of their customers, Oneplus devices are regularly updated with monthly security patches and OS upgrades ,OnePlus rolls out updates on par with Google Pixel phones.

Specs Comparison

  1. Model Name: 
  2. Processor : 
  3. RAM:   
  4. Internal Storage: 
  5. Camera: 
  6. Display: 
  7. Battery : 
  8. OS :  
  9. Price :

Snapdragon 845

6GB/ 8GB
Dual lens  16Mp + 20 Mp
41 inch  Optic Amoled 1080 x 2340
3700 mah
Oxygen OS 9.0.1 based

iPhone Xs
A12 Bionic Chip

Dual lens 12Mp + 12Mp
5.8 inch Super Amoled 1125 x 2346
2658 mah
ios 12.2  on Android version 9(Pie)