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Tips To Use WhatsApp More Effectively

Whatsapp - Grand Tourio

Whatsapp is the number 1 messaging platform used by 1 billion people all over the world to stay in contact with their close friends and family anytime. Do you know 55 billion messages and 100 million voice calls are made through WhatsApp each day? Whatsapp has become an important application for those who don’t like to talk much on phone and prefer texting. So for those, Grand Tourio brings to you the best tips through which you can use Whatsapp more effectively.

#1 Mute Unwanted Groups

Mute Groups - Grand Tourio

Sometimes being a part of the unwanted Whatsapp group can be worst. You are fed of those unwanted and unlimited messages such as Good Morning, Good Night etc. You can’t leave the group but there is a way you can mute the group notifications from 8 hours to 1 year.

Just select the group for which you want to mute the notifications, go to the group info and select mute notification. Select the time period between 8 hours to 1 year and press ok.

#2 Use WhatsApp Web

whatsapp web - Grand tourio

Whatsapp web is for those who want to stay away from a smartphone while on work. Everything on WhatsApp web is the same as that of smartphone WhatsApp, you will get the same double tick when the message is delivered and blue tick when it is read.


To use Whatsapp on your desktop :

  1. Visit on your computer.
  2. Scan the QR code using you Whatsapp application
  3. To do so launch WhatsApp > Menu > Whatsapp Web
  4. Scan the QR code on your desktop through your phone.

#3 Highlight Important Words In The Text.

Bold - Grand Tourio

While sending a message you may want to highlight an important portion of the message. So, how to do it? Just add “*” before and after the part which you want to highlight and that part will get bold and can easily get more attention.


You can also use other options to make some part the message standout from other.


Italic: Add an underscore(_) before and after the message to make it look italic.


For example: _Hello_


Strikeout: To strikeout a certain portion of message use (~).

For example ~Hello~

#4 Find Important Media, links in a chat quickly!

This is one the best feature Whatsapp has. You can easily find important media or URL and docs sent in a chat a long time ago. There is no need to scroll the entire chat to find out the important documents or required media.

Just go to group info there you will see media. Once you get into media there will be 3 tabs for Media, Links, and Docs respectively.

The images and videos will be under media while you can find the  URL and hyperlinks in the links sections. All the pdf and doc file will get into the documents section.

#5 Delete Message

Delete Message - Grand tourio

This feature enables you to delete a message in case you sent it to the wrong person by mistake. To delete the message select the message you will get to see a trash option in the right corner.

Select it and “Delete For Everyone”. Once you delete the message it will be seen as “The message is deleted” to the recipient.

The messages can be only be deleted within 7 minutes of being sent. After 7 minutes you cannot delete the message. Then you can only delete the message from your side.

#6 Recover Deleted Messages

Do you know that you can recover your deleted WhatsApp message?

Open file manager finds out the folder WhatsApp. Inside the Whatsapp folder, you will find another folder named Databases.

In the database, there will be a file named msgstore-yyyy..dd..db.crypt .

Open this file with help on any text editor you will recover all the message sent or received within 7 days.

#7 Backup Your Chats

Backup Chats - Grand Tourio

Sometimes, it may happen you may lose your phone & at that time it becomes very important to recover your chats. So, it is important to back up your messages and media to keep your chat history safe. You can easily back up your data on your Google Drive account.


To Back Up your data:

Go to settings > chats > chat back up.


There you will see an option Back Up to google drive select the frequency as per your wish from daily to monthly.


After this Whatsapp will automatically backup your data as per your set frequency and your chat will remain safe.

#8 Use The New Font

You can also use a new font in the message. To send your message in new font just enclose your message in (“`      “`).


For Example: “`Hello“`

#9 Hide Whatsapp media from the gallery.

We have no control over what type of images or videos are sent to us through  Whatsapp. This media automatically gets downloaded and is reflected in our phone’s gallery and sometimes this can be a huge problem.

To stop unwanted media to be shown in our phone’s gallery you can hide these through media visibility.


Go to group info > Media Visibility  > No

#10 Delete unwanted media from particular WhatsApp group.

Delete unwanted messages - Grand Tourio

If a certain group is sending lots of images and videos and killing your internal storage you can easily delete media from that particular Whatsapp group.


Go to Settings > Data and Storage usage > Storage Usage


Here you will find all the groups and contacts arranged according to the space they have acquired. Select the specific group and in the right bottom you will see an option “Manage Messages”. Select the data which you want to clear and free your internal storage