Important Trekking Tips

Important & Basic Tips For A Trekking Trip

Trekking Tips

People have been trekking since very long time. In ancient times, while there were no transportation facilities, human only knew to travel by legs from one place to another. Later, the invention of wheel took place & human reinvented the wheel to make ideal transport channels. By the way, our today’s topic is based on Trekking Tips. Youngsters do trekking primarily & it is the right age to have more trekking trips along with the friends. You may have seen many times on the social media that your friends, colleagues posting trekking pictures. It is not easy, as it seems, you have to take proper training before going on a trekking trip. Without proper training & precautions, your trekking trip would be mess, so keep in mind these following tips while planning a Trek.

Habit Of Daily Exercise

Basic exercise is a good habit if you are a trek freak & even if you are not. On trekking day, you have to walk all day until the final destination.  By walking the whole day through the mountains, valleys with the heavy bag-pack on your back, you will definitely get tired. Therefore, it is necessary to have a habit of basic exercise like walking, running, cycling, weight-lifting etc. By doing these exercises, it will be helpful to your legs, as you have to walk that much of the distance. You will not get easily tired if you have a habit of these exercises.

Basic Exercise

Keep your Bag lightweight

Try to keep your bag as less heavy as possible because you are going to trek the entire day. There is no need to pack unnecessary things like extra – containers to cook, food, shoes etc. Remember you going for trek; do not take it like Picnic. You should distribute things to take among the group members. This will make your trekking trip easy.

Bag Weight

Do a basic health checkup before the Trekking trip

If you go for a trek when you are not at your best of your health, then it will spoil yours as well as other group members trekking trip. Do a basic health checkup before going to the trek. It helps you know if you are fit for the day and if at all there are any concerns with your body, you can take precautions before going on the trip. Trekking sometimes can be tough for some people and it may fuel the ongoing health issues for a person. So, if your health is down then it is ok to cancel the trek.

Health Checkup

Start the trek early in the morning

Try to start your trek as early as possible. It will help you if your trek route is very long. Starting the trek early in the morning gives you a lot of positive energy; also, the temperature is low in the morning, so you can start the trek with the speed. Your body will not get dehydrated, as it dehydrates more in the afternoon. Starting the trek in the morning with a positive mindset will definitely help you to reach your destination.

People forget about these basic tips. People out there have a lot of misconceptions about Trekking. Many people focus more on accessories like Bag, watch, shoes, digital accessories, food etc. Moreover, because of that, their bag becomes heavier. People carry these unnecessary things.  Trekking is not a picnic but it allows you to communicate with nature by traveling through mountains & valleys without any modern mode of transportation. This is where you are attaching to the ancient time & get free from modern technology.

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